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We have created this site to make it easy for our readers to purchase books on topics related to the Institute's work. In addition to creating this online bookstore as a service to our visitors,, who actually fulfills all of the orders received here, returns a percentage of the profits to the Institute, thereby helping us further our important work in improving the health of Texans.

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How to Buy a Book
You can order any of the books highlighted on this first page or listed in our entire catalogue by clicking on either the title or the cover. Once you click on one of those links, you will be taken to's webpage for that book. On that page you can read more about the book, and actually place your order. Please remember that you must order the book from that page or the Institute will not receive a commission from

We have selected more than 225 titles for you, but if you don't see a title or a certain edition you are seeking, please let us know! We can add the book to our catalogue within a short period of time. We invite you to e-mail us with feedback on the bookstore.