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The goal of Texas Health Institute Health Policy Forums Project is to provide elected officials, their staff and other health care leaders and stakeholders with balanced, non partisan information about critical health and medical issues and a "safe harbor" environment in which to discuss those issues. Forum attendees represent increasingly varied and diverse political and health policy viewpoints - a solid indication that the forums are serving their purpose of bringing together diverse policymakers to explore solutions to complex health policy issues.

Prior to each forum, the Institute provides invitees with an issue brief and/or primer that include a background and legislative history of the topic, a summary of the latest research, and a brief description of initiatives in other states to address the issue. The three-hour forums begin with presentations by a group of panelists, followed by questions and answers, and a discussion session during which participants talk about solutions. A luncheon immediately follows to enable participants and panelists to continue discussing the issue and to network.

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Enacting the most dramatic change to Medicare in 40 years, Congress implemented a prescription drug benefit program that will begin coverage in January 2006, with enrollment beginning in November 2005. This primer explains how the new plan works and how it will impact beneficiaries with different levels of prescription drug expenses.

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  • Medicaid Modernization Act (MMA)