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South Dakota Public Health and Response Capacity Inventory

The Inventory was developed by the CDC to measure public health agency capacity that could be used in the event of bioterrorism, outbreaks of infectious disease, or other public health emergencies. Measures included in the Inventory represent current expert opinion about the capacities that should be in place for each focus area. The intended use of the Inventory was to monitor progress towards achieving the critical capacities and benchmarks described in the CDC grant guidance for Fiscal Year 2002, assess the general state of preparedness for each county and create a basis for developing work plans and benchmark for future inventories.

In South Dakota, the Inventory was completed by County health offices, the State Department of Health office, and Indian Health Service offices. More than 76 offices participated in the Inventory. The Inventory was structured by demographics and focus areas. The demographic element of the tool requested pertinent information about the public health agency and the jurisdiction it served. Additionally, it gave helpful insight into the circumstances under which an agency protects the public.