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Events of 911 have heightened the nation's awareness to our vulnerability to the unthinkable - terrorism on U.S. soil. The Institute has assumed a leadership role in developing initiatives in the area of disaster preparedness and response. From hosting Texas' first policy forum educating state legislators and other policymakers on bioterrorism preparedness, to developing a training document for hospital personnel and regional disaster planners on disaster preparedness, the I nstitute has been actively involved in preparing our state. For more information on the Institute's Disaster Preparedness Projects and capabilities specific to disaster preparedness planning, please go to the project summaries listed below:

Rural Ready Communities Project

Funded by the Texas Department of State Health Services, the Texas Health Institute is working in partnership with Texas A&M University System Health Science Center's School of Rural Public Health on bioterrorism preparedness planning for rural communities through the Rural Ready Communities Project. The project targets first responders in Texas rural communities and provides planning support and technical assistance in creating a community integrated, comprehensive and effective disaster response plan.

Disaster Preparedness

Public Health Leadership in Disaster Response Trainings

On August 31st, THI completed the Leadership in Disaster Response Trainings that were conducted around Texas in July and August.

The Department of State Health Services contracted with the Institute to conduct eight Public Health Leadership in Disaster Response training sessions targeting all disaster response stakeholders. The classes were held in each of Texas' Public Health Regions. Trainings were conducted in Lubbock, Austin, Arlington, Midland, San Antonio, Harlingen, Tyler and Houston.

Texas Health Iinstitute would like to thank Garry McDaniel,Ed.D., Michael W. Proctor, M.D., Dennis Perrotta, PhD., David Herrera, M.D., Mary des Vignes-Kendrick, M.D., and Scott Lillibridge, M.D. for serving as our trainers throughout the summer.

If you would like more information, please contact Liza Creel at 512-279-3906 or email:
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