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Can you make a difference in life?  Absolutely!  
You can help decrease the number of uninsured in Texas.
You can help put the brakes on the childhood obesity epidemic in Texas.
You can help transform the mental health services.
You can help increase the quality of long-term care in Texas.
You can help expand genetic services available to children.
You can help advance emergency preparedness in Texas.
You can make Texas an even better place to live.

Becoming a Friend of Texas Health Institute allows you to help improve the health of Texans and their communities.  It could improve access to preventive and needed acute care and ensure a greater number of children and adults benefit from available resources already in our public health system.

Texans are proud.  Unfortunately, some aspects of our great state are not deserving of pride.  Texas healthcare systems are ranked 49th in the nation in terms of access, quality, cost and has the highest rate of uninsured in the nation.  This must change.  Together we will reshape the landscape of Texas healthcare, building a stronger and more vibrant state of proud, healthy  Texans.

Let’s move Texas to the top of the list of healthy states.   It all begins by joining together as Friends working to improve the health of Texans and our communities.  Together, we can make a difference in Texas.

Please send your contribution TODAY!  What a great difference you will make!

You may choose to donate online  or print and mail the donation form  along with your contribution.  If mailing, please address to:

Lenora Doerfler
Texas Health Institute
8501 N. MoPac Expressway, Suite 420
Austin, TX 78759

   I am ready to become a Friend of Texas Health Institute and make a difference right now!   

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