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                      Dedicated to Good Health for all Texans
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Created in 1964, the Texas Health Institute is a statewide, 501(c)3 non-profit, non-partisan organization serving as a catalyst for improvement in the health of Texans through education in health policy options and grassroots community-based health solutions. With a vision for improved health care for Texans, the Institute analyzes health care issues and their impact on individuals and their communities.

From hosting unbiased health policy forums on critical, timely issues, to helping communities develop and realize their own unique health care system models, the Institute works with stakeholders at every level to promote innovative ideas for improving health care delivery. The Institute's target market includes policy decision-makers at all levels including elected officials, healthcare providers, employers, communities and consumers.

Our focus over the next three years for the Institute is the Shared Vision for Health Care in Texas Project. Currently one in four Texans are uninsured - the highest uninsured rate in the nation. Capitalizing on the "can do spirit" of Texans, this process will produce recommendations for short and long-term policy options that will move us to improved health and health care for people living in Texas.

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