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                      Dedicated to Good Health for all Texans
The Landscape Project is a data resource designed to provide organizations and individuals with comprehensive information they can use to better understand and improve the health of Texas residents and Texas communities. The Project brings together a wide range of data on more than 220 health, social and economic indicators for each of the state’s 254 counties, Texas as a whole and the United States. These indicators are grouped in such categories as “demographics”, “socioeconomic data”, “chronic and communicable disease”, and “environmental health.” In aggregate, these indicators create the health landscape for an individual county, a metropolitan service area, a geographic region, or the entire state.

The Landscape Project pulls together data from a wide range of the best original sources. To enter the Landscape data site, please click below:

Landscape Project

Landscape Project

How healthy is your community? Use the Landscape Project data resource to find out how your county ranks on various health and socioeconomic indicators.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions to learn what information is available from the Landscape Project, what is an indicator and much more to better understand and improve the health of Texas residents and Texas Communities.

Use our Landscape Definitions to better understand the terms relating to the data statisics. This is also an exceptional resource for definitions of many of the terms used in health related industries and studies.