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Healthcare Access

Access to Health -- Where We Are:
Comprehensive, sustained health is derived from a variety of factors: cultural, socio-economic, systemic and individualistic.  An individual’s health is determined by their level of education, the place where they live, their gender, the job they have, the availability of the services they need, their ability to afford the care they need, their specific genetic variations, their level of comfort with their provider and many other individual and community related factors.  

The mission of Texas Health Institute requires that we assess this broad definition of health, recognize the many factors that impact the health of an individual and facilitate all stakeholders in creating innovative solutions to maximize the health of all Texans.  In 2006 THI began a project analyzing how Texas could lead in one aspect of health access – decreasing the number of uninsured in Texas.

Health insurance contributes significantly to an individual’s ability to access acute and preventative health services in Texas. One-fourth of Texans do not have health insurance.  Three out of four uninsured Texas children are eligible for Medicaid or CHIP but are not enrolled.   Texas has the highest uninsured rate in the nation and the problem is growing.  The inability of any individual to access primary care in their community can lead to costly hospital treatment for preventable health problems.

Project News:
Press Release - April 28, 2008 - Uninsured Population Climbing Statewide
Data on Uninsured Projections 2005 - 2040
80th Texas Legislative Action: Vision for Change

Policy Briefs/Publications:  
Refocusing The Vision...Insuring The Uninsured, brochure ; Raising the Bar on Health Solutions, brochure ; The Landscape of Healthcare:  Where do we start the transformation?, presentation ; Data on Uninsured Projections 2005-2040, report ; Vision for Change: Policy Solutions for Increasing Health Coverage in Texas, report ; Vision for Change: Policy Solutions for Increasing Health Coverage in Texas, brochure ; Vision for Change: Policy Solutions for Increasing Health Coverage in Texas, executive summary ; Access to Health - Insurance for the Uninsured, policy brief .


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