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Obesity in Texas -- Where we Are:  
 More than 1/3 of Texas school-age children are overweight or at risk for becoming overweight.
 One in five Texans are obese.
 Overweight and obesity cost the state about $10.5 billion in 2001 and these costs are projected to reach $40 billion by 2040.

"Obesity is among the most serious health challenges facing Texas.  Obesity contributes to cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, and mental health problems."  
– Vince Fonseca, MD, MPH, State Epidemiologist, Texas Department of State Health Services

Texas Health Institute Initiatives:
• Partnership for a Healthy Texas
• Live Smart Texas
• Southern Obesity Summit
• Texas Action for Healthy Kids

Policy Briefs/Publications:
Obesity Legislative Priorities ; Obesity in Texas: Policy Implications ; Nutrition and Fitness in Texas Schools  


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