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                      Dedicated to Good Health for all Texans
Recognizing the need to develop a shared vision of health and health care delivery for the State of Texas, the Institute has launched the Shared Vision Project. To create this vision, the Institute is providing forums for dialogue among the leaders of Texas' health care providers, payers, and consumers for informed decision-making. This collaborative effort is a statewide effort that brings all stakeholders together to provide leadership in developing innovative products and ideas to improve the state's quality of health care.

The Shared Vision for Health Care Project is providing a forum for leaders to build consensus on achieving access, effectiveness and efficiency in health care.

Do you know the five elements the members of our first meeting identified as the critical elements health care must possess? Click the link below to learn more about RAISE.

  • RAISE the Healthcare in Texas
  • Learn about the foundation of our Shared Vision Project was built upon; our mission; the Shared Vision structure and our vision for meeting the future needs of health- care in Texas.

  • Case Statement
  • In the first meeting of the Institute's Shared Vision Panel, project panel members identified five elements that a shared vision for health care must possess to address the urgent health care issues in our state. The five elements of a shared vision for health care are:

    • Regional Solutions
    • Access for All
    • Incentives for Personal Responsibilities
    • Sound Use of Resources
    • Education About Consequences

    In addition to the vision process, the Shared Vision Panel will be producing recommendations for short and long term policy options based on evidence-based research, and working with community collaboratives to implement pilot demonstration projects.