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                      Dedicated to Good Health for all Texans
RAISE Health Care in Texas
What are the elements this shared vision must contain?

         R egional solutions.
         A ccess for all.
         I ncentives for personal responsibility.
         S ound use of resources.
         E ducation about consequences.

What do we mean by . . .

Regional solutions for regional differences-but within a state-wide strategic plan.

Access for all. A more rational system for access for all besides the emergency room.

Incentives for personal responsibility and wellness; incentives for communities and medical professionals-for example, incentives to help co-ordinate charitable and for-profit institutions. In general, work on aligning the explicit and implicit incentives.

Sound use of resources-for example, investments in prevention and public health; accountability, cost-effectiveness; maximizing funds.

Education about consequences of our current system. Make the business case for change. Create clear answers to the question, "What's in it for me?"

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